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An app for analyzing the career path and searching for new career options
    Selection of possible professions based on personal and professional skills and career experience
    Visualization of options and their relevance in the form of a map of professions
    Ability to share your profession map with friends
from $1280
The flat rate for our services is $40/hour. On average, the analysis takes from 32 to 80 hours.
We will collect the requirements, evaluate in advance, write the terms of reference and estimate the exact cost of the project
from $2560
The flat rate for our services is $40/hour. On average, the design takes from 64 to 128 hours.
We will prepare website or application mockup, think over the style, draw a logo and corporate identity
On request
The flat rate for our services is $40/hour. A simple application or landing page can be developed in just 40 hours (see the HIV+ project in Projects). However, mobile and web applications with any serious logic can already take from 300 (EBM) and up to 1000 hours (Helga).
We will design a solution, develop a mobile application and a website, optimize it according to the requirements
#React Native
from $960
The flat rate for our services is $40/hour. For initial deep dive into new technologies we like to set a limit of 24 - 48 hours to develop a tech.demo of the feature using this technology. After the development of a tech.demo and figuring out a roadmap, it's usually best to switch to a generic software development process
We will study technologies for a non-standard task, assemble a technical demonstration of the solution and describe a development plan
from $400
The flat rate for our services is $40/hour. A typical project after launch needs no more than 10 hours per month for support. During the launch period, it usually takes 32 - 48 hours per month.
We will test, measure performance, run the system on servers
from $1280
We will collect the requirements, evaluate in advance, write the terms of reference and estimate the exact cost of the project
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Product Audit for Job Search Platform
Mar 19, 2020
Wave 909 delivered a batch of pull requests and a 20-page recommendation to improve the client's mobile product. They also proposed to reuse the code in both mobile and web platforms, which showcased the vendor's expertise in React.js and React Native. The vendor delivered outputs on time.
CTO, Zarplata.ru
Roman Gusev
Full review (Clutch.co)
Android and iOS App Development for Online Retailer
Apr 24, 2019
They delivered a more valuable and reliable app, satisfying all internal expectations and fostering an ongoing partnership. Wave909 is a communicative and reliable partner who delivers high-quality work with few bugs. Expect them to utilize their creativity in resolving issues.
Project Manager, Global Data Systems LLC
Maria Ilina
Full review (Clutch.co)
Consulting for Assisted Living Technology Firm
May 3, 2019
Wave 909 succeeded in overcoming the difficulties that we faced. The collaboration was straightforward and seamless, and internal stakeholders are satisfied with the results. Wave 909's in-depth knowledge and technical expertise set them apart from other vendors.
CEO, Design of Intelligent Power Systems GmbH
Daniel Thon
Full review (Clutch.co)
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- We will agree with you the deadlines, as well as a fixed cost of the project, based on an estimate of the labor intensity in hours;
- The works will be divided into blocks lasting approximately two weeks, after which we will show and issue an invoice for payment of the part.

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